Lightning Site (CloudFlare)

CloudFlare is a really neat tool that basically straps a rocket to your website. By caching your website's content worldwide, using routing technology, and its ability to identify website threats from its large community, CloudFlare makes websites safer, faster and smarter. We are pleased to offer you the CloudFlare service for FREE. There is no commitment. Turning CloudFlare on and off takes two clicks of the mouse, so feel free to try it out. We think you'll like it.

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  • Lightning Site Performance
  • Globally-Distributed Network
  • Always Online
  • Lightning Site Performance
  • Globally-Distributed Network
  • Always Online

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have the answers!
What is CloudFlare?
CloudFlare brings faster performance to your site by caching your site's content around the world on it's CDN. Meaning your sites content is on servers which are closer to users all round the world, resulting in much faster loading times. This also means that if your server goes offline, your site will still be available! CloudFlare also uses any cast routing technology which optimises your visitors request routes, so they are as short as possible! CloudFlare also brings enhanced security to your website, via its large community of sites being able to identify new threats. The more people that join CloudFlare, the smarter it gets.
How much faster will my site be and do i have to pay?
We can't say exactly how much faster your website will get, because each and every website's different. But seeing as your content will be cached round the globe, and CloudFlare optimises your visitors request routes, we can safely say you will notice a nice difference! The best part is that CoudFlare is completely free to all RapidTechHosting customers! You won't have to pay a penny to use this service! CloudFlare is also available on all RapidTechHosting's products and can be enabled directly from the control panel interface!
Where are CloudFlare's data centers located?
CloudFlare's distributed network of data centers are outlined on our CloudFlare Network Map and CloudFlare System Status page.
I already have a CDN provider. Can I still use CloudFlare?
Yes, you can still use another CDN provider (CloudFront, MaxCDN, NetDNA, etc.) with CloudFlare to help speed up your site. You would just want to make sure that the CNAME for the CDN provider is included in your CloudFlare DNS settings. You can add the subdomain by going to: Settings->DNS settings Please note -- Certain CDN providers will not work if the DNS record is Orange Clouded (CloudFlare-enabled) and would instead result in 100X or connectivity errors, so if you don't see a cloud at all, then we've marked the record as not-proxiable.

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